• Development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria

    News / October 10, 2018

    In this interview, Elina shares what it takes to work on Wall Street, how BrightCap can help startups, and what her view is on the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria.

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  • Software Group signs €18m deal with EIB (European Investment Bank)

    News / March 15, 2019

    Software Group signed an €18m loan with the European Investment Bank (EIB). EIB receives over 2,000 applications per year and selects to support only 1-2% across all of Europe. Software Group is the first such investment in Bulgaria that has passed the rigorous due diligence process and has become a showcase deal for the country. This non-dilutive capital will be used for additional innovations, R&D and marketing.

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  • BrightCap Ventures invests in Cloudpipes

    News / February 9, 2019

    BrightCap Ventures invests in Cloudpipes, the 5-year-old London-based startup that drastically simplifies cloud and on-prem enterprise integrations. BrightCap Ventures joins 500 Startups and earlier investor LaunchHub in this €0.5m post-seed round.

  • How the state should support the education and R&D centers in the country

    News / December 13, 2018

    In this interview, Daniel talks about what the involvement of the state in education and R&D centers should be in order to help boost the economy, what challenges the Bulgarian startup ecosystem is facing, what recent market trends he’s observing and how they might impact entrepreneurs and future sector investments.

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  • Capital ^ People podcast is now live

    News / October 28, 2018

    BrightCap Ventures podcast “Capital ^ People” is now live! Subscribe and listen to the first episode where Software Group CEO Kalin Radev discuss with Elina Halatcheva how microfinance has evolved to serve billions of unbanked customers; who are the new players and the incumbents in the industry; and what other financial services are hopping on the “micro” trend in their offering.

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  • BrightCap Ventures backs LucidLink in a $6 million round

    News / September 17, 2018
    BrightCap Ventures invests $0.9 million in LucidLink (lucidlink.com) – a 3-year-old San Francisco-based startup that takes on secured and scalable cloud streaming of large files. BrightCap Ventures joins Bain Capital Ventures, Baseline Ventures, Fathom Capital and S28 Capital in this $6 million post-seed round. Read more »
  • BrightCap Ventures welcomes Software Group as a first investment

    News / September 13, 2018

    BrightCap Ventures invests €2.6 million in Software Group (softwaregroup.com). The 9-year old, Sofia-based Software Group supplies cutting edge tech to the $100B global microfinance industry, boasts customers in 65 countries, and generates spectacular ARR growth. BrightCap Ventures joins PostScriptum Ventures and BlackPeak Capital in this round.

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    Find out more about the trends in microfinancig and Software Group in Episode 1 of Capital^People podcast where we interview Kalin Radev, CEO of Software Group.

  • BrightCap Ventures closes €23 million VC fund

    News / August 6, 2018

    BrightCap Ventures raised €23 million for the first close of the fund. The capital will be deployed by investing in technology companies at the pre-seed and seed stages. The pre-seed investment can reach €200,000 and seed investments will range from €0.5 to €3 million.

  • BrightCap Ventures signs with EIF to manage €20 million VC fund

    News / June 14, 2018

    BrightCap Ventures is the newest VC fund to invest in high tech companies. The fund is established under the EIF JEREMIE programe where JEREMIE will invest €20 million, and BrightCap Ventures will raise additional private capital. The fund will invest in early-stage companies with the potential for significant growth in the global market. The investments will be in the range of €0.5 to €3 million. Part of the fund will be dedicated to supporting newly created companies (accelerator), where the investments will range between €50,000 to €200,000. The fund will invest in companies in Bulgaria and in the region.

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