Georgi Mitov

Managing Partner

Georgi brings extensive background both as a founder and an executive in large technology companies.

Prior to establishing BrightCap, he was part of the leadership teams at two successful start-ups, Sciant and Aviaso, sold to two global technology leaders in those sectors, VMware and Honeywell, respectively. During the last few years, Georgi has been leading the aero business of Honeywell in Bulgaria and has been responsible for the development and marketing of the fuel efficiency product that is being used by over 35 airlines, including Lufthansa, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, British Airways. Georgi has been influential in supporting his companies in various roles – from product design and marketing to software development.

Georgi graduated stomatology from Sofia Medical University but has dedicated his career to technology, taking up programming as a student in Sofia Math High School.