The State of AI in CEE Header Image: Elina Halatcheva

CEE has emerged as a promising hub for AI innovation, and the recently released “State of AI Innovation in CEE” report sheds light on the region’s ecosystem

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has emerged as a promising hub for AI innovation, and the recently released “State of AI Innovation in CEE” report by The Recursive sheds light on the region’s AI ecosystem. BrightCap Ventures’ Managing Partner, Elina Halatcheva, was interviewed as part of the report. Elina provides insights into areas of increased activity in AI investments in the region, the importance of measured AI regulations, and the power in collaborating with industry stakeholders for the validation and later implementation of AI-powered start-ups.

The Report

“The State of AI Innovation in CEE” report analyzes over 1100 AI startups, investors, and ecosystem builders in the CEE region. It involved conducting over 40 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and surveyed 170+ companies.

The report’s primary focus extends to 12 countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and others in the Western Balkans. The investors selected for the interviews have a specific focus on AI innovation or AI investments in their portfolios.

Healthcare: The Prominent Sector

AI product offerings in healthcare and life sciences represented the largest portion of companies in the report. The growing trend of AI-assisted diagnostics is showcasing the potential for AI in transforming the future of healthcare. Innovations such as telemedicine, 3D printing, and wearable technology are revolutionizing healthcare, making it more accessible and improving its quality.

Top Industries for AI Product Companies in CEE

BrightCap Ventures’ portfolio company, Kardi.AI, a company leveraging commercially available wearable heart monitors to deliver low-cost, at-home heart monitoring, is prominently featured in the report.

Opportunities and Challenges

Education in the AI field, growing government support, and emerging AI networks are some of the promising opportunities for developing innovation in the region. However, the report also points out important challenges faced by companies, including a scarcity of AI talent and funding. Challenging macroeconomic trends and AI regulation uncertainty pose further potential threats.

SWOT analysis of the CEE AI landscape

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BrightCap Ventures’ recognition as a key local AI-focused investor in the report underscores the firm’s commitment to driving AI innovation in the region.

For a deeper dive into the findings and insights of the “State of AI in CEE” , we invite you to read the full report here.