We are proud to announce the successful completion of a €1.5M seed round for KARDI AI, a BrightCap portfolio company in the field of remote heart monitoring

We are proud to announce the successful completion of a €1.5M seed round for KARDI AI, a BrightCap portfolio company in the field of remote heart monitoring. KARDI AI utilizes commercially available wearable heart monitors and the patients’ mobile phones to facilitate early diagnosis of health conditions. By leveraging Artificial Neural Network, KARDI significantly reduces the time required to interpret ECG data while simultaneously improving sample rates.

Funding Milestone for KARDI AI

This marks our second backing of the promising health-tech startup, highlighting our strong belief and commitment to the founding team. Co-investors include Central and Eastern European VCs such as Purple Ventures, DEPO Ventures, Cleverage.vc, Soulmates Ventures, Garage Angels and other angel investors. The new capital will propel KARDI AI towards its ambitious goals, including achieving EU MDR 2a compliance, further enhancing the product, and expanding its market presence.

Stephen Burke Co-founder of KARDI AI
Stephen Burke, Co-founder of KARDI AI

The Future of Preventive Heart Monitoring

At BrightCap, we strongly believe in the power of preventive medicine, and KARDI AI perfectly aligns with our vision. Leveraging the data collected from wearable devices, KARDI AI facilitates early diagnosis of health conditions, enabling more effective treatments and ultimately offering a superior lifestyle to patients.

The keys to an effective preventive med-tech solution, in our view, include accessibility, ease of use, lifestyle impact, reliability, and affordability. KARDI AI stands out by addressing each of these elements uniquely:

  1. Accessibility and Applicability: KARDI AI provides an easily accessible solution that does not require specialized medical expertise or expensive equipment. The software utilizes commercially available wearable heart monitors and the patient’s mobile phones.
  2. Ease of Use: With no special skills required from patients, and no need for additional training of medical personnel, KARDI AI ensures a seamless user experience.
  3. Lifestyle Impact: KARDI AI seamlessly integrates with patients’ lifestyles, promoting adherence to the monitoring regimen, and allowing continuous, long-term monitoring of the heart condition to be performed without the need of specialized equipment or disruptive procedures.
  4. Reliability: KARDI AI has been trained on datasets with millions of heartbeats and delivers reliable, medical-grade results that can be trusted by healthcare professionals. This will be extended further by achieving the MDR 2a compliance in EU post-funding.
  5. Cost: KARDI AI is committed to affordability, ensuring that cutting-edge heart monitoring technology is within reach for a broader population.

BrightCap Ventures was one of the first backers of KARDI in their pre-seed fundraising, supporting the company from its inception. We congratulate the KARDI AI team for their exceptional execution, teamwork, and traction demonstrated throughout their journey. As KARDI AI continues to advance in the realm of at-home heart monitoring, we remain excited about the positive impact this technology will have on preventive heart monitoring and the overall well-being of individuals.

Read more about KARDI AI on their website.

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